Modern Colonial

Our Modern Colonial residence is a unique combination of traditional New England form and modern detailing.  No house style has been reinvented as many times as the colonial.  This design was developed to meet the demand for clean, modern styling in a form that fits in a settled New England neighborhood.  The overall massing and arrangement of interior rooms echo traditional colonial architecture.  At the same time modern materials and detailing push them to the edge.

“This definitely has the massing and the feeling of a Colonial house… It looks a lot like a New England Georgian house, with its windows aligned horizontally and vertically, the single window in the gable, and a roof pitch that is neither too high nor too low.  It gives a really warm feeling… I am fascinated by the way the architect handled the front-facing gable.  Instead of projecting from the façade in the traditional way, it is inset, which strikes a modern note.”

-Virginia Savage McAlester as quoted to the Boston Sunday Globe